ABC Garbage Inc.
PO Box 546 | Rural Hall, NC 27045 | 336.985.3572

General Information

Easy steps to ensure quality service

  1. Type of Cart: We will not provide service to containers that are clearly marked with a competitor or a municipality. We offer carts for rent and we will pick up generic carts purchased by the homeowner.
  2. Keep your cans weather-tight: If your cans do not have lids they hold water which makes them heavy to lift and adds unnecessary weight to the dump fees. If they are too heavy we may not be able to collect. They also attract mosquitoes and flies which can lead to a health concern.
  3. Bag your garbage: We understand that some loose garbage is inevitable but if you can try to keep it bagged especially if you receive backdoor service it is cleaner and easier to handle.
  4. Keep your cans within 10 feet of your road: . If you are receiving curbside service it must be out by the road where it is easy to reach.
  5. Make sure your cans are accessible: Our crews will not go into fenced-in areas or behind houses with large dogs to collect backdoor cans. Backdoor service must be in an area we can reach and within 150 feet of the main road. If you live off the main road your service may be deemed as backdoor even though you bring it to the front of your house.
  6. Please keep dogs up on trash day, for your dogs safety and for the safety of our employees.

If you regularly have more garbage at your address than the prescribed 64 gallons total, then we will have to begin charging for it. If your cans consistently weigh too much (over 50 lb) due to poorly maintained cans or neglect which allows them to become water-logged, then we will have to begin charging you for it. We are not responsible for homeowner cans that are damaged during the pickup.

Update your information

We are still trying to complete our customer database, so if you live at a different address than the one where you receive service, or if you have a different mailing address from the service address please contact us and make sure we have your correct information. If you are not sure that we have contact information for you please contact us so we can get phone numbers for you. This is helpful if we have any routing or billing issues that we may need to discuss with you.

Identifying Your Address

One of our biggest challenges so far has been identifying correct addresses to ensure that we are picking up all of our paying customers and not picking up those who do not pay. If your cans are not clearly on your property where they are easily identifiable as to the address they belong , it may be a good idea to mark them with your street address so we know it belongs to a paying customer. You are responsible for the amount of garbage picked up at your address, so make sure we know which cans are yours so we can tell if someone is illegally dumping on your property. We will not continue to pick up garbage unless we know it belongs to a paying customer.